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We deliver international legal, regulatory and business consultancy services to individuals, families, businesses, government and assist clients to design strategies with high probabilities of success, enhancement of stake holder value potential and otherwise required to achieve defined objectives. The collective strength, professional qualifications and experience of the top management and staff of ILBC together with strategic and professional alliances in various fields, are key elements of the firm’s ability to provide consulting services of the highest calibre. ILBC delivers advice in areas that the firm's principles have been professionally active in for collectively over 60 years.

Mr. Lohman is an American international lawyer educated in the United States and Europe with sensitivity to Common, Civil and Sharia legal systems. He has specialized in law and regulation relating to the financial service sector for the past 20 years. During this period, Mr. Lohman has advised governments and their leaders, regulators and private sector financial institutions and families throughout the world on matters relating to financial service sector law, regulation, international financial service centre competitiveness, Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism and Corporate Compliance law and regulation, fiduciary responsibility, international planning and dispute resolution. In deed, Mr. Lohman’s first professional trip to Dubai was at the invitation of the Government.

Mr. Lohman acts as general counsel to select international enterprises, private families and lead and co-counsel on large scale multi-jurisdictional dispute resolution cases (3 cases of which have amounts in controversy in excess of USD150,000.00 with countries and / or Fortune 50 companies as parties). He has also been approved by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (“DFSA”) as an Authorized Individual to act as Compliance Officer, Anti-Money Laundering Reporting Officer and Senior Manager for DIFC registered international companies. He is a market leader in the field of international financial services sector law and regulation, author and lecturer, President Emeritus / past Chairman and Director of world wide organizations and maintains memberships in various bar and professional organizations including the Oregon, Geneva (as foreign lawyer authorized to practice law) and the Dubai International Financial Centre Courts.

On the business consulting front, Mr. Lohman advises and lectures on corporate policy and strategic planning, business communication, public speaking and related subjects. He has assisted on countless successful private and public strategic planning projects by conceptualizing, implementing and monitoring the plans involved. Mr. Lohman and his team have provided ghostwriting, image, events assistance, outsourcing coordination, in-house education and training, back office support, employee pre-screening, concierge services, time, billing, budgeting and related services.